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Comments from our valued customers
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thank you very much i just saved as .tax file, what can i say i am an A.D.D. riddled rodeo clown, please pass this message on to your supervisor that i wish to commend you on your prompt and very helpfull assistance, most places that i require email tech support I have to wait 24-72 hours but you responded in less then 10 minutes, and I do appreciate that and will continue to buy your product each and every tax year and will promote your product and your excellent customer service to all my friends.

Wish more tech supprot was as prompt as you, tell your bosses, that i say you need a raise.
- Kevin Schotts, Edmonton, Alberta

FutureTax is amazing software. At a fraction of the cost of other products, I would highly recommend it for anyone filing a personal income tax return in Canada.

It follows the forms in a logical order and contains links to the CRA website for all of the help necessary to complete a return.

FutureTax Support answered an email on a minor problem within minutes. Impressive.

Great software.
- Ian Robertson, Alberta

I am writing to report my very pleasant experience with FutureTax.

For many years, as Linux user, once a year I had to face the unpleasant fact: tax software programs run only under Windows, and they have hard time running under Wine emulator.

Fortunately, I am happy to report that FutureTax 2008 works perfectly under Wine (version 1.0.1-174) on my laptop running Debian Linux. I was able to do my taxes, create netfile .tax files, and print to PDF, without a single glitch.

For the first time in many years, I was able to do my taxes without getting angry :-)

Thanks a lot for great software and reasonable licence fees. I will let all my Linux-using friends know about your software.
- Henryk Fuks, Ontario