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Comments from our valued customers
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... I like FutureTax ... wish I had found it before.

I have used TZ and QT for years. Looked around the Internet for other Canadian Tax programs and have been playing around with yours since you published it.

I would recommend it to anyone. Love the way it works ... especially flipping from one spouse to the other. I recommended it to the Volunteer Tax Coordinator. Not sure what Rev Canada pays QT for using theirs.

And the price is right!
- Brian G Skelton, British Columbia

this program is GREAT. yours answers are back so fast and with simple and correct explanation. it's incredible!!!!!!!!!!

i'll recomend you to my friends. making taxes is simple and easy with your help.
- Dana Luehmann, Ontario

... I must say that I really like Future Tax. As one who always did my Tax Return the manual way, I really didn't like the programs I used before as they were far removed from seeing what was really happening with your Return... Future Tax certainly does a good job of doing the calculations (read: saving me work) but I can always see how my Return was effected immediately -- which allows me to see the result of any shifting I might want to do to my wife's Return, etc. Very very simple to understand what's going on ...
- John A Collins, British Columbia

... I would just like to say that using FutureTax was a great way to complete my tax returns. It was easy to use and it was so great having the forms and worksheets automatically attached to my return without me having to figure out which ones I needed. I will definitely be using FutureTax next year!
- Phyllis Kuncewicz, Manitoba

Just wanted to commend you on a great product. This is a great tool at a very reasonable price, especially when compared to the competition. I have forwarded the link to your website to my co-workers and friends.
- Victor M., Alberta

Unbelievable support!!!!
I already netfiled with your instructions!!! I see it my obligation as a satisfied customer to spread the good word in all the relevant forums. My turn now!!!
- Dorin Stancu, LaSalle, Ontario

Thanks for quickly responding to all my questions. I am very impressed with FutureTax and prepared two returns.

This is exactly the type of tax software product I have been waiting for. For years I refused to pay the exhorbitant amounts annually for other competing -- and in my view inferior -- products, preferring instead to use Excel.

FutureTax is affordable, and I thank you and the FutureTax team for your excellent product and service. I am singing the praises of FutureTax to everyone.
- Lesley Ewing, British Columbia