CRA NETFILE Access Code: The 8-character alphanumeric code can be found above your address line on your 2019 Notice of Assessment.

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Common Filing Errors

Note: For CRA account error messages such as Account Locked, and the errors related to your CRA account, please contact CRA Helpdesk.

1. Erro 2197 - Line 20800 (RRSP deduction) cannot exceed the unused RRSP/PRPP/SPP contributions available from previous years plus line 24500 (total RRSP, SPP, and PRPP contributions) minus line 24600 (contributions designated as a repayments under the Home Buyers' Plan) minus line 24620 (contributions designated as a repayment under the Lifelong Learning Plan).

-- If you get the error and claim unused RRSP only on Schedule 7, it means the unused RRSP is not matched your CRA account. Contact CRA Helpdesk to adjust.

2. Error 2252 - Line 24600 on the Schedule 7 and/or line 58830 on the Form RC383 for contributions designated as a repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) cannot be less than the minimum repayment required. Where the client has elected to include the funds withdrawn into income on line 12900, enter the HBP participant repayment amount on line 55080.

-- Your HBP claim is not matched the amount on CRA account, contact CRA Helpdesk for the amount. Enter the correct amount at line 12900 on additional worksheet.

3. Error 90113 - One of the following situations applies to your client’s return:
1. Your client was 65 years of age or older on December 31. An entry for old age security (OAS) pension is required. Where the taxpayer did not receive any OAS pension, enter 1 on line 9917.
2. Line 9917 to indicate no OAS pension was received does not equal 1.
3. Your client was 64 years of age or under on December 31. Delete line 11300.

-- If you meet all the criteria and still get the error, your birthdate was set wrongly on your CRA account, contact CRA Helpdesk to correct it.

4. ReFile Error 503 for line 24700(HBP withdrawal) changed only - The Canada Revenue Agency is unable to process this ReFILE request as there appears to be no change to the return or some of the fields submitted have resulted in no change.

-- A paper request would be any type of taxpayer/representative request submitted via mail; whether it be a written letter, a T1 ADJ form, a revised Schedule 7 with a note, etc.