Planner, optimizers and other powerful features in FutureTax guarantee to get you the maximum refund.
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What's FutureTax for EFILE?
FutureTax is an easy-to-use, secure and EFILE/Barcode Certified T1 Individual Tax preparation software package which allows you to submit someone else's tax return electronically, or print and mail-in paper returns.

Advantages of using FutureTax
  • Free download - only a few minutes to download and install
  • One version for all purpose returns (from T4 to self-employment)
  • Affordable and unbeatable prices
  • Pay when you are satisfied
  • Supports all T1 tax returns including rental and other self-employment
  • The best built-in Split Pension, Charitable Donation, Medical Expenses and Dependants optimizers
  • Secure tax return filing on your own computer; your tax information will only be transmitted to CRA when you submit it
  • Submit form T1135/Authorization Request/Business Consent separately via Submit to CRA menu
  • Prepare spouses' tax returns together
  • Get your tax refund from CRA in as little as 8 business days
  • Print out or save as PDF file with 2D barcode for paper returns
  • Fast, simple and supported

Online Help

Click here for online help on how to file your tax return in just few steps with FutureTax.
Click here to learn how to save your tax return as PDF file in FutureTax.

Software Tips

Read the important tips first.

FutureTax does not support the Provincial(TP-1) tax returns for Quebec (Federal tax returns supported only).

Non-residents and deemed residents(NR4) tax returns are not supported.

Multiple Jurisdictions tax returns(T2203) are not supported.

Electronic transmission of Form T1134 is not supported.

FutureTax works for you just in 5 easy steps:

1: Download FutureTax, install and try it out;
2: Create your tax return;
3: Purchase and license the software;
4: Click Ready to EFILE button in FutureTax to Submit it to CRA - DONE.

Free Download

Download FutureTax 2023 for EFILE (for tax services):

(Download, complete return, and then purchase to submit/print.)

- Requirements (Read first)
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Latest News

FutureTax 2023 for EFILE Certified version was released on February 18, 2024.

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Unbeatable Price

FutureTax 2023 for EFILE is the highest quality and lowest price T1 EFILE filing Software in Canada.

  • $21.99 for 10 Returns
  • $89.99 for 50 Returns
  • $149.99 for 100 Returns
  • $249.99 for Unlimit
  • $289.99 for Site License

- CAD; Taxes not included
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