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Save PDF file in FutureTax


Installing PDF Print Driver


If your operating system is Windows 10 that builds in "Microsoft Print to PDF" or a PDF print driver has already been installed on your computer, you can skip this step and go directly to the Creating PDFs from FutureTax section.

There are many PDF print drivers available, such as PrimoPDF, etc. The followings take PDFCreator as an example.

Download and run the installation file. Choose English (default) or select a different language from the drop-down menu. Click OK:

Select setup language dialog

Click Next >:

Setup splash dialog

Read over the license agreement. Click the radio button next to I accept the agreement. Click Next >:

License agreement dialog

Click the radio button next to Standard installation (default). Click Next >:

Type of installation dialog

Leave the name of the printer alone (defaults to PDFCreator) or enter a custom name. Click Next >:

Printer name dialog

Leave the folder to install into alone (defaults to C:\Program Files\PDFCreator) or enter a custom folder name. Click Next >:

Installation location dialog

Select any additional languages you would like to install, if any, by clicking the check boxes next to the languages' names. When finished, click Next >:

Additional languages dialog

Leave the Start Menu folder name alone (defaults to PDFCreator), enter a custom name, or click the check box next to Don't create a Start Menu Folder. Click Next >:

Select Start Menu Folder

If desired, customize the installation (defaults are acceptable). Click Next >:

Additional tasks dialog

Click Install. This should about 30 seconds:

Install dialog

If you do not want to restart the computer now, click the radio button next to No, I will restart the computer later. Click Finish:

Finished dialog

Creating PDFs from FutureTax


To create a PDF from FutureTax, do the following while FutureTax is already open:

Select Print... from the File menu:

FutureTax menu

Select PDFCreator (or whatever you named your PDFCreator printer) from the drop down box next to Name:

Printer selection dialog

Click OK:

Printer options dialog

Replace any fields you feel are appropriate. (Note: These are only used internally by PDF viewers. They have no real importance.) Click Save:

PDFCreator dialog

Select a location and file name to save the PDF as. Click Save:

Save as dialog

Your default PDF viewer (most likely Adobe Acrobat Reader) will automatically open the PDF file. You may look over the file to ensure it converted correctly.