Planner, optimizers and other powerful features in FutureTax guarantee to get you the maximum refund.
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FutureTax Features

The following powerful features have been added to FutureTax. Download and install Future Tax on your computer to discover more features and details.

1. FutureTax Interview

FutureTax Interview guides you to prepare your tax return easily step by step.

[Figure 1]

2. What if? Planner

By moving the scroll bars for each of the applicable items you will see the effect of increasing or decreasing amounts on your balance owing or refund as well as how it affects the overall tax rate.

[Figure 2]

3. Summary Report with more details

Click the Report button located at the right corner of the first tool box to view the Summary Report page. See your tax return summarized in detail.

[Figure 3]

4. Split Pension Optimizer

Optimize T1032 pension claims between you and your spouse in coupled returns.

[Figure 4]

5. Charitable Donation Optimizer

Optimize donation and gift claims for yourself or with your spouse in coupled returns.

[Figure 5]

6. Medical Expenses Optimizer

Optimize medical expense claims by date period for yourself and/or your spouse in coupled returns.

[Figure 6]

7. Optimizer for Dependants

Optimize claims related to dependants for you or your spouse (coupled returns). Claims include the amount for dependants, eligible dependant, children's fitness amount, medical expenses (18 years old or over), tuition amounts transferred, amount for infirm dependants and disability amounts transferred.

[Figure 7]

8. Spousal percentage allocation for T3s and T5s

Enter the percentage of your claim for T3s or T5s and the remaining balance will automatically be entered on your spouse's tax return in coupled returns.

[Figure 8]

9. Auto complete for text entries

Text entries are completed for you automatically when you make an entry on the forms. If you have entered "Shoppers Drug Mart" in Medical Expenses form, for example, any time you hit "S" in that column on a line below, it will be completed for you. This saves typing for those who enter all their prescriptions individually. (To turn on Auto Complete, click the menu: "Tools" > "Enable AutoComplete".)

[Figure 9]

10. Industry Code List

Click on the "Tools" in the main menu bar. Select Industry code to display a list of code items. Select the desired code item and click the Copy Code & Close button. The industry code is now copied in Windows clipboard for pasting.

[Figure 10]

11. Client Letters

A cover page explains the tax return which is prepared by the tax professional service for the client. It includes each client's address and name and refund/balance amount, GST, CCTB and RRSP. By reading this letter the client gets full details of what the tax return is about.

[Figure 11]

12. Clients List

FutureTax saves your client's name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address into a list automatically. You can get your clients' information list by clicking the menu: Tools > Clients List:

[Figure 12]