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*** Submit Authorization/Cancellation or Business Consent ***

Create a tax return, claim form Authorization/Cancellation or Business Consent, don't have to claim other forms if only for filing Authorization/Cancellation or Business Consent. Then click the menu under Submit to CRA to submit the form.

1. Run as Administrator and deal with anti-virus and security programs

If FutureTax didn't work or didn't work suddenly, such as can't save return file, the software is not running properly, etc, right-click on the FutureTax icon and select "Run as Administrator". If the problem is still there, disable anti-virus and/or security programs running on your PC or add FutureTax as an exception on your anti-virus and/or security programs.

2. My Account Locked

Our tax software sends tax data to your account on CRA server, so please contact CRA helpdesk for unlocking.

3. Backup your tax return files

All your tax return files are saved on the hard drives of your computer, there is no extra copy on our server. Always backup your tax return files when changes are made. Save them into a different folder and/or on a different hard drive in case the original tax return files are lost.

4. T776 CCA

I entered all the information on part A on T776, the total CCA claim (Column 9) is still $0? - Please make sure the amount at line 15 on page 1 of T776 are greater than zero.

5. The rental property overseas does not have a postal code

Postal Code of the rental property is Mandatory. When the rental address is in the US or in a foreign country, the postal code of the landlord is required in the address line.

6. Prepare Newcomer/Immigration Tax Return

Newcomer/Immigration tax return: Click the Entry Date on page 1 of T1. Claim line 52920 and 52930 on NETFILE/EFILE worksheet, and claim line 52630 and 52670 on Spouse worksheet if applicable.

7. Newcomer Basic Amount Proration

This is not new but have to pay attention. The proration rules have been changed by CRA. Please check relevant documents on CRA website. As long as lines 52920 and 52930 on Efile/Netfile worksheet are zeros, or 52920/(52920+52930)>90%, there will be no proration.

8. Federal Political Donations

Open page 4 of T1, double-click line 40900. Enter your amount on the Additional worksheet prompted:

9. Line 30499, 30500 (Family caregiver amount for children under 18 years of age)

Please refer to CRA T1 guide.

You can claim an amount for each of your or your spouse’s or common-law partner’s children who:

  • are under 18 years of age at the end of the year;
  • lived with both of you throughout the year; and
  • have an impairment in physical or mental functions. For more information, see Family caregiver amount (FCA).

The full amount can be claimed in the year of the child’s birth, death, or adoption.

10. Tuition Transfer

On the parent's return, click Depdendants button at the top tool box, claim the dependant and enter the Tuition Transfer field. The amounts of the Tuition Transfer are exact from line 32700 and 59200 of Federal and Provincial Schedule 11 on child's return.

11. Child Care Expenses (T778)

Only the spouse or common-law partner with the lower net income (even if it is zero) can claim these expenses.

12. The clues for Schedule 6 not being transferred to T1

Please refer to T1 guide to check if you are eligible for the credit. Also make sure no entries on Decease date and Entry date on page 1 of T1, and the return is not for pre-bankruptcy.

13. Line 43700 (total income tax deducted) is different from T4 slip

This is because form T1032 is claimed. Check the instructions on page 2 of T1032.

14. Submit T1135

Please click the menu: Submit to CRA > Submit T1135.

15. Tax Return File Location

If you save your tax return, the location of your tax return will be shown at the top blue caption bar of the software as follows. The default folder is "My Documents\FutureTax" on your hard drive. Please note that the return file will be saved on your hard drives of your computer, we don't have a copy even though you submit it. So back up your files when possible.
Tax Return Location

16. Box 48 on T4A slip

Enter "Your Business Name (T2125)" at the bottom of T4A slip, the amount on Box 48 goes to page 2 of T2125 with the same Business Name as you entered.

17. I cannot find the entry place for Box 113 on T5013 Form.

Box 113 is for return of capital, which is not taxable and so you do not have to report it. Return of capital is when you are getting some of your original investment back. This information on the T5013-INST form that came with your T5013 slip.

18. I use part of my home and receive a monthly rental fee from a company that needs this office space. I need to know which form / line numbers on the T1 I can use to deduct expenses like utility costs; home insurance, property taxes, repairs, etc.

You should use Part 4 of T2125.

19. How I can carry forward RRSP contribution to be used in future years?

Enter the current year contribution on line 13 of Schedule 7, then the unused RRSP contribution(line 17) will be carried forward to next year.

20. The taxpayer is married but the spouse has never lived in Canada, is any place for not claiming spousal amount?

You can claim line 55270 on page 1 of NETFILE or EFILE worksheet.

21. How do I know my tax return is submitted successfully?

If you submit your tax return successfully, a confirmation number from CRA will show on the finally screen. It also shows at the bottom of the software, at the top of Report worksheet, or on the Submission Summary (clicking the History button).
Confirm # on status bar

22. How to claim line 30425(caregiver amount) on Schedule 5?

If you are eligible for the credit, make sure either line 51090 under line 30300 or line 51100 under line 30400 has been claimed first.

23. How to transfer disability amount to parent?

Claim the transfer amount in dependant page.

Disability Transfer

24. How to change marital status?

Click My info to change the status.

Marital Status

25. When selecting option 1 on Schedule 3, line 17900 for principal residence designation, line 4 on form T2091 is not picking the number of years entered on line 3 of form T2091.

See the note in T2091:


26. I have filled out line 31800 form for Disability amount transferred from dependent, however this amount does not get transferred to line 31800 on T1, it shows 0 instead of $ 8,662.

Double check the percentage to claim for the taxpayer:

27. When reporting Business income (line 20) double-clicking correctly redirects to form T2125, but the net income from that form (line 9946) is not being copied back to the T1 form.

Click Verify button, it will prompt to select the type of your income in T2125:

28. The date of death is prior to the tax year.

Paper tax return needs to be filed for the date of death is prior to the tax year.

29. Federal non-business foreign tax credit (line 3 on T2209) is not shown up.

Double check line 42900 (Basic federal tax) on page 5 of T1. The line 3 on T2209 cannot be greater than line 42900.

30. Authorization Request without first/given name.

The individual with one name would be able to authorize a representative using the Manage Authorized Representative service in My Account or by completing form AUT-01 Authorize a Representative for Offline Access.