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Should you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please email to . Our professional support technicians will review it and write back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • For CRA account error messages such as Account Locked, EFILE number/password invalid, etc, please contact CRA Helpdesk.
  • Please check FAQs, Tips, Common Errors and Troubleshooting pages first.
  • Click Verify button in the software to clear out errors, many solutions will be prompted in the fixing list.
  • Include Version Number of the software, the schedule name or line number in subject line if applicable. Empty subject line could be spammed by email server.
  • Attach Screenshots of the error messages/scenarios if applicable. With the screenshots, we can understand your concerns and support you faster than normal. Visit on how to take a screenshot.

A classic email request looks like: "I bought FutureTax software for my tax return, but I have got errors when I filled it out correctly on forms, I don't know why, so I need help how your software works."
-- This email request won't help to resolve any issues because it does not describe the problem clearly. Also it delays your support as we will have to email back for more details. The easiest way is to send us Screenshots of the errors in your request.



1. Non-residents and deemed residents tax returns are not supported.
2. Apple Macintosh operating systems are not supported.
3. ReFile: Click the button ReFile at the top of tool bar.
4. CRA only accepts paper tax returns for tax year 2016 and older.
5. License key not received: Let us know your exact email address for the purchase in order to locate your records.
6. License usage: ONE license for one taxpayer, including ALL features such as Submit, Print, Auto Fill, NOA, T1135, etc. For example, if Print used one license, no license is required for other features.
7. If you cannot find your tax return files, make sure they were saved or backed up before. Search the files from the hard drives of your computer as we don't keep a copy of them. However you can Auto-fill your tax return (Press F8 in FutureTax to retrieve tax return data from CRA).