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3. Fill in Your Forms

1. Add or remove forms

You can add or remove forms using the toolbar, or by right-clicking the mouse on the left hand pane. Mandatory forms cannot be removed, for example,  T1, SCHEDULE1, SCHEDULE10 (if tax province is Quebec) and provincial tax/credit form 428 and/or 479.



2. Fill in your forms

Green colored fields don't accept direct data input. Double clicking or pressing F2 on those fields will bring you corresponding forms/slips. Data will be filled into the green colored fields automatically after you fill in the corresponding forms/slips.

For example , when you double click on the field 101, the T4 slip will be brought up:


An alternative way to fill in green colored fields is to add the forms/slips if you know the fields to which the forms/slips correspond. See the section Add or remove forms (#1) above.


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