CRA NETFILE Access Code: The 8-character alphanumeric code can be found above your address line on your 2019 Notice of Assessment.

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7. Verify Your Tax Return and Create NETFILE

1. Verify Your Tax Return

After you have finished filling in your  tax return forms/slips, you need to verify the data you have entered by clicking the on the Verify button:

2. Generate the tax return file in NETFILE format

After your tax return data passes verification, you can generate the tax return file in the NETFILE(.tax) format by clicking on the NETFILE button. A .tax file is the format that you will need to submit your return to the Canada Revenue Agency through the NETFILE website:

Click Next button, Tax Saving screen will pop up. You can claim the tax savings if applicable:

Click Next button, Warning Message screen will pop up. Check if they need to be corrected:

Click Next button, answer questions on the CRA NETFILE Information screen:

When you click Next button, a screen will pop up to select a folder to save your tax file. Then click Save button on the screen:

3. Submit .tax file to Canada Revenue Agency

After the tax return file in the NETFILE(.tax) format has been generated, the following box will pop up:


Next, click on "CRA's NETFILE Web site" at the bottom of the box and follow the instructions below to submit your tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency:

1. Click on "I agree - Proceed" to reach the NETFILE submission page.

2. Enter your SIN number and date of birth.

3. Enter the path of the .tax file you just generated or click on the "Browse" button to browse and select the file.

4. Finish on "Step3 - Balance due".

5. Click on the "Submit" button. Remember to save or write down the confirmation information from NETFILE after the submission has been accepted.




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