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Common Filing Errors

Note: For CRA account error messages such as Account Locked, WAC/EFILE number/password invalid, and the errors related to your CRA account, please contact CRA Helpdesk.

Click to open CRA error code list.

1. Erro 395 - According to CRA’s records, your corporation is already registered for the Manage Online Mail service. Remove your request to sign up for the service and the email address entered. Email address changes must be made by accessing My Business Account or Represent a Client.

-- Select No at line 088 on page 1 of Corp Info Worksheet.

2. Error 322 - The Web access code that you have provided does not match the Business number and/or the tax year end in CRA’s records. For assistance, contact CRA’s Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk at 1 800-959-2803.

-- Make sure your Web Access Code(WAC) is correct. It should be a new code if you change Business Number or Tax Year End date. The code can be retrieved in the software(Click the button WAC Code/Efile, then click "Get WAC" button) or by calling CRA help desk. Note that if you didn't register time with CRA, Time for line 060 and 061 should leave blank at the "Time for Tax Year Start and Tax Year End" section on page 1 of Corp Info worksheet.

3. Error 345 - The information submitted is either incorrect or incomplete. For assistance, contact CRA’s Corporation Internet filing Helpdesk at 1-800-959-2803.

-- Click the WAC Code/Efile button at the top tool bar in the software, double check the postal code. It must match with CRA records.

4. Error 347:

Line 085

-- You have made too many attempts. Call the telephone showing in the message to unlock your account.

5. ReFile of T2 tax Return, error codes 387 and 521 in loop: I corrected a mistake with the corporation type after an assessment from the CRA, however when I try to ReFile the return as instructed, error code 521 pops up. When I remove lines 996 and 997, error code 387 pops up and ad infinitum.
Error 387 - CRA cannot process the return transmitted since we have already assessed this tax year. If you are submitting an amended return you must indicate this in your software. Otherwise, contact CRA’s Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk at 1-800-959-2803 for assistance.
Error 521 - According to CRA’s records, this tax year has not been assessed therefore an amendment cannot be processed. For assistance, contact CRA’s corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk at 1-800-959-2803.

-- There are something wrong with the tax return filing such as corp type changing etc. Contact CRA's corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk for more details.

6. Auto fill ERR.029 - This session has timed out.

-- Login your CRA account in your default browser and keep it opened, then Auto fill your tax returns in the software again.

7. T1134 Error: No supplement

T1134 error

-- T1134 cannot be submitted electronically without supplement. However if all foreign affiliates meet the dormancy threshold, the Summary can be mailed alone with no supplement. Refer to the following document:

T1134 Document


8. Business Consent: A serious error occurred while handling request

-- "eRC59WSMajorError: A serious error occurred while handling request" is being caused because the EFILER is using an expired credential and will need to use one that is valid for new tax year.