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Software Tips

1. Which software version should I use and which license key should I buy if for one/multiple companies and one/multiple tax year returns?

Software version: Please refer to Choose Version. Input all your tax years, and mark down all the version(s) prompted. Then choose the version(s) that cover all your tax returns.

License key:
For the same version, no matter how many companies or tax years, the software only counts for how many returns to be submitted/printed. Please choose your license key based on the number of returns.

2. Run as Administrator and deal with anti-virus and security programs

If FutureTax didn't work or didn't work suddenly, such as can't save return file, the software is not running properly, etc, right-click on the FutureTax icon and select "Run as Administrator". If the problem is still there, disable anti-virus and/or security programs running on your PC or add FutureTax as an exception on your anti-virus and/or security programs.

3. Backup your tax return files

All your tax return files are saved on the hard drives of your computer, there is no extra copy on our server. Always backup your tax return files when changes are made. Save them into a different folder and/or on a different hard drive in case the original tax return files are lost.

4. Prompts errors when printing

Reinstall the software and try again.

5. Net income/loss (3680) on Schedule 101(S101)

Code 3680 can claimed on Schedule 100(S100) only, and it should be zero on S101 because S101 is for first year filing of the corporation.

6. Tax Return File Location

If you save your tax return, the location of your tax return will be shown at the top blue caption bar of the software as follows. The default folder is "My Documents\FutureTax" on your hard drive. Please note that the return file will be saved on your hard drives of your computer, we don't have a copy even though you submit it. So back up your files when possible.

Tax Return Location

7. How could I know my tax Return received by CRA?

When your tax return is being submitted to CRA successfully, at the final screen, there is a confirmation number shown in the text box. The confirmation number is returned by CRA for confirming the transmission. You can also find it at the Summary page or the menu: Submit to Government > Submission History. If you have any questions about the transmission, please ask CRA help desk with the confirmation number.

8. I have T5008 under the Corporation name (Box 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20 & 21) so how to file it in the T2 tax?

You should use Part 1 of Schedule 6 to report the sale of securities.

9. Non-Profit T2 return

Our software supports a Non-Profit T2 return. Please claim line 085 on T2:

Line 085

Instructions for line 085 is in T2 guide: T4012 T2 Corporation - Income Tax Guide 2020 -

Form T1044 should be mailed in as per instructions on the form to Jonquiere Tax Centre ONLY if you have ticked off box 1 in line 085. The guide for completing this is T4117: T4117 Income Tax Guide to the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Information Return -

10. Final Dissolution Return

Claim line 078 on T2, and line 061 on T2 should be as same as the Dissolution date entered on the Corp Info worksheet.

11. NETILE T2 Return

Get WAC code, then click Ready to File T2(.COR) button at the top tool bar in the software to create .COR file and submit.
Alternatively you also can submit the .COR file via your CRA business account without WAC code or via CRA website

12. EFILE T2 Return

Enter your Efile number and password, then click Ready to File T2(.COR) button at the top tool bar in the software to create .COR file and submit.
Alternatively you also can submit the .COR file via your CRA business account without EFILE number/password or via CRA website

13. Non-capital losses of previous tax years applied in the current tax year(Line 130 on Schedule 4).

Please claim at Part 1 of page 6. Apply your loss in that year which generated loss.

Non-capital losses

14. Error "Account number does not exist" on form Business Consent submitting

The error message is returned from CRA. It means the business number on Business Consent is not matched with CRA records.

Make sure the 9 digits numeric business number is entered correctly at part 1 on Business Consent.

Submit again if business number is corrected; otherwise contact CRA help desk for more information.

15. How do I know my tax return is submitted successfully?

If you submit your tax return successfully, a confirmation number from CRA will show on the finally screen. It also shows at the bottom of the software, at the top of Report worksheet, or on the Submission Summary (clicking the History button).
Confirm # on status bar

16. How to add lines so that I can complete each asset category? I have total current assets complete but need to know how to add fixed and other assets so that the totals are correct.

Just claim your GIFI codes. Software will collect GIFI codes to another assets automatically, for example:

Confirm # on status bar

17. How to submit Business Consent Forms?

1) Create a simple tax return with Business number and name, don't need to finish the tax return.
2) Add Business Consent form and fill it out.
3) Submit it under the "Submit to Government" menu.