New version 2022.2(2020/01/01 - 2023/05/31) will be available at the end of October. Please Subscribe for release notification.

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Update FutureTax Manually

The current version of FutureTax T2 2022.1 is (in "Help" > "About FutureTax" menu).

Normally FutureTax will update itself when your Internet is connected; you can also update your version of FutureTax manually by clicking "Help" > "Check for Updates" (please see figure 1):

[Figure 1]

If you are unable to update, just download the software and reinstall it again.

Please note:

1. The update operations won't erase any of your tax return files and license information.

2. The update installs minor releases for version 2022.1 and the taxation period (2020/01/01-2022/10/31) will keep the same. If you need a version for different taxation period, download the version from Download Page when it becomes available.