Version 2018.2 does not support AIIP on Schedule 8, it will be supported in version 2019.1 that will be available at the beginning of June.

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Purchase License Key

Purchase FutureTax T2 License Key

License Information

The license key for FutureTax is a 16 letters or digital numbers. Your software will be licensed after you enter the license key. The license key can be entered when the software starts.

If you are using an unlicensed version, you will not be able to create CIF(.cor file) or print your tax return.

FutureTax is licensed per installation. Once a license key is entered successfully, the maximum of license-allowed returns can be prepared. Unlimited tax returns can be prepared if you purchase a license key for unlimited returns.

The license price is subject to change without notice but the price changes will not affect those who have already purchased the software.

Here is the free download.

What will happen after you purchase the license key?

Customers who pay online by credit card or PayPal will receive a license key by e-mail right away. The e-mail will also contain the instructions on using the license key.

For customers who pay by mailing in a cheque or money order, we will e-mail you back with the license key and instructions. You can enter the license key after you get the e-mail.

Refund Policy

The license key is only required to submit or to print your tax return. Customers can try it first before purchasing the software. A refund will NOT be granted after a license key is issued.

Alberta and Quebec

FutureTax supports Alberta Provincial T2 tax returns in version 2013.2 or higher.

FutureTax does not support T2 tax return for Quebec.

Purchase FutureTax T2 License Key
(License key is only for one version, and it cannot be used in different versions.)

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