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1. Windows 10 updates KB5000802 & KB5000808 cause printing problems - no lines or borders are printed.

a) If your software version is 2020.2,
Solution: Redownload and reinstall version 2020.2. Use "Microsoft Print to PDF" as printing driver.

b) your software version is prior to 2020.2 such as 2019.2,
Solution: Close 2019.2. Redownload and reinstall version 2020.2. Then continue to use your 2019.2 and use "Microsoft Print to PDF" as printing driver.

2. "File not found. Check the file name and try again" when Save As a new file on Windows 11/10:

File not found

Solution: Refer to Add an exclusion to Windows Security ( or Turn off Controlled Folder Access.

3. Setup was unable to create the directory on installing:

Error 5

Solution: Right-click on the downloaded installation file of FutureTax and select "Run as Administrator".

4. Access is denied. Canot save the file:

Access is denied

Solution: Right-click on the FutureTax icon on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator".

5. Out of memory, will not let me install:

Out of memory

Solution: Reboot your computer and install again. If it is still the error, make sure your anti-virus software, Windows Defender or any security programs didn't lock our program file, unlock or disable them temporarily and install FutureTax again.

6. Windows Cannot Access the Specified Device Path or File:

Windows Cannot Access

Solution: Add a Windows Security Exclusion for the FutureTax installation folder and the Folder containing the tax return files. Refer to this Microsoft Support.

7. I installed Norton 360. I continue to get a warning that access is denied when I try to save any data to a tax file:

access is denied

Solution: Open Norton 360, select settings, select antivirus, select data protector, turn data protector switch off. When you select apply for your change, a warning box will appear with a timer set to turn data protector back on in 15 minutes. Select the drop down box for the timer and select Permanently.

8. I had changed security suits to ESET Endpoint Security and their Web Control SSL/TLS setting was set to automatic. Whenever I try to submit, I get the following Error: com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Message send failed.

Solution: Set Web Control SSL/TLS setting to interactive and provide the necessary permissions for our software. The solution is also applicable to other similar security suits.

9. French characters are not showing correctly and calculations are stopped:

UTF-8 error

Solution: 1) In the Control Panel of your Windows, select Time & Language.
2) Click Region & Language on the left hand side.
3) At the right side, select Canada as Current location.
4) Click Additional date, time, & regional settings at the bottom.
5) Click Region. At the Administrative tab, click "Change sytem locale button". Make sure Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 in worldwide language support check box is not ticked.
Do not use UTF08