Version 2019.2 will be available at the beginning of November.

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Purchase FutureTax T2 2018.1

FutureTax T2 2018.1 License Key can be purchased by Credit Cards, PayPal, INTERAC Email Money Transfer, cheque or money order. Before you purchase, please read the License and Policy and the following notes carefully.

  • The license key works only for FutureTax T2 2018.1, unused license can NOT be transferred;
  • Taxation Period: 2016/01/01 - 2018/10/31, the corporation year start and end must fall within the period. If you are not sure which version to use, please choose version;
  • If you should file AT1 (Alberta AT1) return and/or form T106, T1134, T1135, RC59/RC59X, CBC(Country-by-country Report), Attach-a-doc(Insurance Corporations), you will need extra license(s), i.e. 2-tax-return license key or 5-tax-return for every corporation. One is for federal T2, one is for Alberta AT1 Netfile/RSI Print, and/or one is for submittng form.
  • The license key will be sent to you within an hour. Please retrieve your license key if you have not received;
  • FutureTax T2 2018.1 can be downloaded from the download page to make sure it works for you before purchasing;
  • FutureTax does not support Provincial T2 tax returns for Quebec;
  • Taxes are not included in all the prices.


Payment Method: (please choose one of the following options)

1. Pay by Credit Cards (no account required: Details) or PayPal:

License Key
1-Tax-Return License Key
$59.99 CAD
2-Tax-Return License Key
$79.99 CAD
5-Tax-Return License Key
$99.99 CAD
100-Tax-Return License Key
$199.99 CAD
Site-Tax-Return License Key
$299.99 CAD
1 Additional License (Purchased above)
$20.00 CAD
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2. Email Money Transfer from Your Bank Account
3. Mail a Cheque or Money Order.

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