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INTERAC Email Money Transfer

A fast and easy way to send and receive money

Interac Email Money Transfers let you send money quickly and easily right out of your bank account. If you bank in Canada with these Financial Institutions, you will be able to send the world's first, interbank-based Interac Email Money Transfers.

It's convenient.

No exchange of bank account numbers is required - just our email address:

It's fast.

Payment is delivered by email immediately! No more waiting for the money order to be delivered or waiting for the cheque to clear.

It's secure.

Banks use existing, secure inter-bank settlement channels to clear Interac Email Money Transfer transactions.
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Tips for the Money Transfer:

1. Send money transfer from your bank account online or at branch. Our email address is:

2. Include the Answer for your security question and Version of software in Sender's Message of the Money Transfer. Or send them in a separate email.

3. The price you need to pay (Please select the followings in order to calculate the tax correctly):        

4. If you send with RBC Royal Bank of Canada account, leave your email address in Sender's Message of the Money Transfer.

Note: Refund will NOT be granted after the license key is issued. Please make sure the software works for you before making the purchase.