Planner, optimizers and other powerful features in FutureTax guarantee to get you the maximum refund.
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Mail a Cheque or Money Order

Indicate what license key for which version to purchase.

Total price: Refer to the purchase page for the prices. Please include the tax in the payment. For example, if the price of the license key is $100.00 and you live in Ontario, you need to make a payment of $113.00.

Payable to: FUTURECA CORP.


9325 Yonge Street, Suite 121
Richmond Hill, ON   L4C 0A8

  • Please include your e-mail address in your mailing to allow us to contact you.
  • We will send the license key to you at the e-mail you provide as soon as we receive your mailed order.
  • Refund will NOT be granted after the license key is issued. Please make sure the software works for you before making the purchase.
  • Consider to Email Money Transfer from Your Bank Account instead of mailing cheque, it is easy, fast and safe.