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What's FutureTax T2?
FutureTax T2 is an easy-to-use, secure, Corporation Internet Filing (CIF), NETFILE, EFILE and 2D Bar Code certified T2 tax preparation software package which allows you to submit your tax return online, or print and mail-in paper returns.

Advantages of using FutureTax

  • Free download - only a few minutes to download and install
  • Affordable and unbeatable prices
  • Pay when you are satisfied
  • Easy to fill in CRA's T2 forms, auto-fill is supported
  • Submit tax/amended return electronically if eligible (NETFILE/EFILE)
  • Submit form T106, T1134, T1135, RC59/RC59X, E-Docs, Attach-a-doc electronically (EFILE) and RC4649(NETFILE/EFILE).
  • 2D bar codes are fully supported
  • Secure tax return filing on your own computer; your tax information will only be transmitted to CRA when you submit it
  • Print out or save as PDF file for paper returns
  • Fast, simple but powerful and supported

1. Steps to submit T2 tax return:

1) Download, install and complete your tax return;
2) Purchase the license key;
3) Click "Ready to File T2(.COR)" button at the top the tool box in the software;
4) WAC code or Efile number and password will be prompted if not entered before (Click "Get It" button in prompt screen to retrieve CRA WAC code);
5) Follow the instructions to submit your T2 tax return.

2. Save as PDF:

FutureTax can print your tax return as PDF files. Click here for more details on how to save PDF file in FutureTax.
Sample PDF files printed: Bar Coded Tax return and Tax Return Forms.

3. Refile/Amend your tax return:

Click "Amend Return" button at the top the tool box in the software.

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FutureTax does not support the Provincial T2 tax returns for Quebec(CO-17).

Provincial T2 tax returns for Alberta(AT1) are only supported in version 2013.2 or higher.

Amended return can only be submitted electronically in version 2014.1 or higher.

Please visit About FutureTax for more details.

FutureTax works for you just in 5 easy steps:

1: Download FutureTax, install and try it out;
2: Create your tax return;
3: Purchase and license the software;
4: Click Ready to File(.COR) button in FutureTax to create your .cor file and submit to CRA. Or,
Click Bar Code button to print your Bar Coded tax return and mail it to CRA.

Free Download

FutureTax T2 2019.2:
(For 2017/01/01-2020/10/31)

FutureTax T2 2020.2 (New):
(For 2018/01/01-2021/05/31)

(Download, complete return, and then purchase to submit/print.)

- All Versions
- Requirements (Read first)

Latest News

FutureTax T2 2020.2 certified version was released on October 23, 2020.

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Unbeatable Price

FutureTax is the highest quality and lowest price T2 filing Software in Canada.

  • $59.99 for 1 Return
  • $79.99 for 2 Returns
  • $99.99 for 5 Returns
  • $199.99 for 100 Returns
  • $299.99 for Site License
  • $20 for 1 Additional Return for the same version

- No expiry date for licenses
- Work for one version
- CAD; Taxes not included
- Go to product purchase page for more details