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7. Verify Your Tax Return and Create EFILE

1. Verify Your Tax Return

After you have finished filling in your  tax return forms/slips, you need to verify the data you have entered by clicking the on the Verify button:

If there are any errors, click the item to review the form and correct them.

2. Enter EFILE number and Password

Before submission, you need to enter your EFILE number and Password by clicking the menu in FutureTax: Tax Return > Options, then the EFILE Information tab.

3. Submit your tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency

Please note that Java Runtime Environment needs to be installed in order to submit tax return electronically.

After your tax return data passes verification, click EFILE button if you want to submit your tax return to CRA.

Click Next button on the Errors and Warnings screen, the following screen pops up:

If you select "I agree - Proceed", your tax return will be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency electronically.

4. Results of Submission

After the submission process is done, the following box will pop up to show the confirmation number of submission if the tax return is received by CRA successfully:

If failed, error code and message will be shown in the box. You need to correct your tax return and try to submit it again.

Click Print button to print the results of the submission screen. Click Submission Summary button to show the list of all submitted tax returns.
Click Copy Message button to copy the results of the screen into clipboard, it can be pasted into any text editor.




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